Like any historic building, our REGINA guesthouse has a deep and breathtaking history. Five generations have passed through these beautiful premises of the former farmhouse, the last three of whom live at the heart of the guesthouse.

The story begins at the turn of the 19th and 20th century, when Josef Böhm, the family ancestor, married the heiress of a large farm. Managing such land entailed enormous self-denial and never-ending toil. Josef had his own experiences, losing his wife twice and having to take care of seven children on his own. Fate did not let him rest even after these difficult events. Almost the entire family had to be deported to the former GDR in 1945 because of their German nationality. Josef was finally allowed to stay at his request due to his old age, but his children, including his underage daughter, had to leave their native home from one day to the next. Jediná Regina, která v době odsunu byla již provdaná za muže české národnosti, mohla zůstat společně s otcem. I hospodářství bylo rodině vyvlastněno a až v roce 1947 si rodina mohla odkoupit příděl zpět a stát se tak opět vlastníkem. Tím se domov alespoň na čas zachránil. These happy moments did not last long, for in 1953 most of the fields and farms were nationalized by the JZD. During this difficult time, Regina and her husband watched as everything they had worked so hard to build slowly deteriorated and declined. That is why after two years they left the JZD. Almost in desperation, they took over the only cow that had been returned to them from the JZD and fields in much worse places than they had originally had. But the family did not give up and started to rebuild their farm with great vitality. Fate and the regime of that time prepared another unkind stage in their lives. In 1962, the farm was again withdrawn from the public interest of the municipality and Regina's husband, Joseph, had to pay again a share of the 1946 property allocation to get it back. From today's account by Věra Vaclíková, daughter of Regina and Josef, it seems almost unbelievable how the times could have played with people's lives in such a way. All the time, Vera's parents had to take deliveries of milk, eggs and beef from the farm. At times, Regina was forced to buy eggs from neighbours in order to meet the deliveries. Despite all their hard work and diligence, they had to start all over again several times.

Daughter Vera, who had not enjoyed her family much as a child because of the hard work on the farm, saw great strength and determination in her heritage. It is no surprise, then, that she fought on. In 1990, after the death of her mother Regina, she left her job as a financial accountant and threw herself into rebuilding her family home. She decided to turn it into a cozy family guesthouse that would remind her of Mama Regina. After almost four years, despite all the difficulties and lack of funds, the pension was completed thanks to the determination and great help from family, neighbours and friends. Mrs. Vera never gave up. She passed on her breathtaking life force and energy to her daughter Romana and grandson Jakub, who run the guesthouse today.

Five generations put their hearts into a farm that was not only a home, but above all a symbol of life and its energy. After all, the name Regina, which comes from Latin, also contains the power of the 'queen'. Today's Pension Regina will forever carry the strength of the female bloodline and the great desire to never give up.