Like any historical building, our B&B Regina has also a deep, breathtaking history. In these beautiful premises of the former farmstead, five generations have alternated, the last three of them live here and put their hearts to the pension.


     The whole story begins at the turn of the 19th and 20th centuries, when Josef Böhm, a family ancestor, married the heiress of a large farmstead. To manage such lands were connected with immense self-denial and never-ending drudgery. Joseph suffered. He twice lost his wife and himself had to take care of seven children. Fate didn't let him breathe even after these difficult events. Almost the whole family had to be moved to the former GDR because of German nationality in 1945. Josef could at the end stay on his request because of his very high age, but all his children had to leave their birthplace, including a minor daughter. Only daughter Regina, who was married to a man of Czech nationality at the time of expulsion, could stay with her father. But the farmstead was expropriated until 1947 when the family could buy back the ration of the farmstead and thus become the owner again. The home was safed for at least a little while. These happy moments did not last long, because in 1953 most of the fields and farms were nationalized by JZD. In this difficult time, Regina and her husband watched how everything they had built so hard, was being destroyed. Therefore, after two years they left JZD. Almost in despair, they took over the only cow they had returned from JZD and the fields in much worse places than they had originally before. But the family did not give up and began to rebuild its farmstead with its great life force as never before. The fate and the regime then set them another harsh wound. In 1962, the farmstead was taken away in the public interest, and Regina's husband, Josef, had to pay again the same property share as in 1946 to get the farmsted back. From today's narration of Věra Vaclíková, daughter of Regina and Josef, it seems almost unbelievable how the that time could play so much with human lives. Despite all their hard work, they had to start several times again.

       Vera's daughter, who, as a child, did not enjoy the power of her family because of the hard work on the farm, saw her strength and determination in her heritage. So it is no surprise that she fought on. In 1990, after the death of her mother Regina, she left her activities as a financial accountant and threw herself into the restoration of her home. She decided to build a cozy family pension that would remind her her mother Regina. After almost four years, the pension has been completed, despite all the difficulties and lack of finances, thanks to the determination and great help from family, neighbors and friends. Mrs. Vera never gave up. She handed over the breathtaking life force and energy to her daughter Romana and grandson Jakub, who are running the B&B today.

       Five generations put their hearts into the farmstead that didn’t mean just home for them but it meant for them a symbol of life and energy. Finally, the name Regina, which comes from Latin, hides the power of the "queen". Today's B&B Regina will carry forever the power of a female bloodline and a great desire to never give up.

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